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I'm pretty sure Wheeler & Fish are correct here about trying to add some value to what they had hoped to be there best product of the year, but with the Stras injury is going to leave a lot of dealers & distributors with much less profit than anticipated. I would assume that this is a last minute addition and couldn't be inserted because a lot of the cases are already produced. For all we know, these extra cards haven't been printed yet.

I would be willing to bet that with no Strasburg injury, this promotion wouldn't exist.

By "watered down auto checklist" he was referring to the fact that all those guys you mentioned were on the checklist when the checklist was released with 25 names. Then, they updated the checklist to add another 25 names, making it twice as hard to get one of those big name players.
If you have to explain why it's a 1/1, then it's NOT a 1/1.

Looking for Andre Dawson Serial numbered cards that are his jersey number - either #8 or #10. So looking for cards like 8/8 or 08/99 or 10/250.
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