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Originally Posted by JonDailey1982 View Post
i dont think it has anything to do with sportkings. i think topps could care less about them.
I don't honestly think they did it because SK did, although it is a pretty funny coincidence.

Speaking of not caring about someone...

Originally Posted by ddearing View Post
By "watered down auto checklist" he was referring to the fact that all those guys you mentioned were on the checklist when the checklist was released with 25 names. Then, they updated the checklist to add another 25 names, making it twice as hard to get one of those big name players. much does Topps care about their customers when they release a checklist with 25 names, and then double that checklist later on "making it twice as hard to get one of those big name players"?

Does Topps ever release production numbers? Isn't that information all their customers would want? I would think if they cared about their customers, they would release harmless information like this.
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