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Default This is the order to fill the last 2 slots!!!!!

Reich you are on the clock!

Originally Posted by reichj29 View Post
Would like to get on the reserve list for a couple spots if possible.
Originally Posted by Kent Clements View Post

If you are having trouble collecting payments LMK,I would purchase more.

Originally Posted by DizzyDSki View Post
Nick - if you need anyone last minute, I'd love to pick up a slot and can PayPal immediately. Thanks!

Dan Dziekciowski
Originally Posted by bled11qb View Post
I would be willing to purchase another slot or two if need be. Either way, everyone, get your payments in please. We've all waited for The Cup to come out & it's finally here. I would hate for this to be delayed any further.
Originally Posted by coaltowncards View Post
Payment sent for 6............Lets randomize 1 & 3

Also, do you need someone to take the empty slot in case 2, or is it covered??
Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
If the others back out, I would take 1-2 slots as well.
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