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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I don't honestly think they did it because SK did, although it is a pretty funny coincidence.

Speaking of not caring about someone... much does Topps care about their customers when they release a checklist with 25 names, and then double that checklist later on "making it twice as hard to get one of those big name players"?

Does Topps ever release production numbers? Isn't that information all their customers would want? I would think if they cared about their customers, they would release harmless information like this.

Sadly, I have to agree with you here Wheeler. I ordered heavier this year in hopes of comming real close to completing the set (with all of the autos). My son and I do it every year. When they doubled the auto checklist and pumped it full of scrubs, it made me feel cheated. I am not a case flipper, we complete our set and sell off/trade the extras to expand our Twins collection and maybe recoup some of the pain of paying for a case or two of cards. We are not in this for profit, but profit or not, this move by Topps had to leave every presell buyer with a bad taste in their mouth. They did this when Topps Chrome was presaling higher than it ever has. It was classless, and leaves me thinking that when they release those announcements that a product has sold out out at the factory, it is a bunch of BU!! SH!$. They are doing whatever they want as they watch the demand fluctuate. If our boxes are anything like the boxes Beckett opened (shorted refractors, no color, and scrub autos), I will be writing, calling, emailing Topps with a scorned collectors attitude. I did get in on presales pretty late, so I didn't overpay by much, so that helps a little. But the presale odds listed on every site give odds of 1 refractor every 3 packs. And lets face it, a true chromie, like my son and I, buy this stuff for the refractors of our favorite players.

Shame on you Topps,

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