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You are Doh! snapping your own quote eight minutes later. Did you think that you made a good point and wanted to pat yourself on the back?

With almost an identical price curve (time duration is different, but they both dropped to with $3 per box per Blowout Weekend Specials) do you want to explain why Series D SK is $59/box headed to $39/box by Black Friday. Are you still buying Box Tops for $15?

For the record I believe the Topps Chrome Wrapper Redemption cards will be overproduced and worthless. The addition of 25 autos was another garbage move.

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DOH! Snap!
Concentrating on my personal collection. Please drop me a PM if you have any of the following for sale: Topps Football 1959; 1961-1964, 1967; Philadelphia Football 1964-1967, Topps Baseball 1957-1968
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