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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
Finally someone with a slightly optimistic attitude. 5 years ago the hobby almost died and now that everyone is living high from 2010 Bowman they expect every product to double their money and make them rich.

I will openly admit the only reason I am here and back in the hobby is because of Strasburg, and since his injury all I've seen is nothing but complaining on this forum. Well, complain all you want. I am stoked about this product and can't wait til my cases come in!
Don't get my little rant wrong, I am hoping for the best. And I know we'll have a blast opening this stuff. Maybe even pull some nice autos. I'm just getting the feeling that we may be looking at the largest production run of Topps Chrome in at least the last 4 years. That means less refractors/decent autos. My son and I will still be on the edges of our seats hunting for the tougher autos for our set. The anticipation in our house has been building since the release date got pushed back. We are also still stoked. The USA autos should be interesting, and maybe we'll pull a logoman patch card!!
Check out my photobucket by clicking on my homepage in the drop down list under my username. Looking for any Twins cards I don't have, and Mickey Mantle refractors that I don't have. I will trade for bait, on occasion. 2011 Topps Chrome auto set completed!!
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