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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
You are Doh! snapping your own quote eight minutes later. Did you think that you made a good point and wanted to pat yourself on the back?

With almost an identical price curve (time duration is different, but they both dropped to with $3 per box per Blowout Weekend Specials) do you want to explain why Series D SK is $59/box headed to $39/box by Black Friday. Are you still buying Box Tops for $15?
The part in bold above makes me laugh because of the part in bold below:

Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
Must be Topps is trying to keep the Case Value of Topps Chrome from dropping as fast as Sportkings Series D......Doh!
So SK has been out for months now...yep, literally months, and Topps Chrome hasn't even come close to that. Yet Topps Chrome sells cheaper than you can find boxes of SK D. LOL!!! And they were once selling for more than what SK D released at. Therefore, Topps Chrome dropped in value not only further than SK D, but at a much greater accelerated rate.

You messed up again spouting off without doing your homework. I added the "snap" comment in good fun.

Do you really think places like Blowout are going to sell SK D boxes for $39? Yeah, right. I will have purchased them all way before that ever happens. And to answer your question...Yes. I am still buying empty boxes for $15 each.
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