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Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
Don't get my little rant wrong, I am hoping for the best. And I know we'll have a blast opening this stuff. Maybe even pull some nice autos. I'm just getting the feeling that we may be looking at the largest production run of Topps Chrome in at least the last 4 years. That means less refractors/decent autos. My son and I will still be on the edges of our seats hunting for the tougher autos for our set. The anticipation in our house has been building since the release date got pushed back. We are also still stoked. The USA autos should be interesting, and maybe we'll pull a logoman patch card!!
It's all good, and I'm glad you're still as excited as I am. Your rant was mild compared to some posts in other threads about this year's post-Stras-injury product lol, so I was mostly referring to those.

Maybe you can help answer a question though...If Topps is advertising refractors as 1:3 and then step up their production run, do they change the odds on the packs to reflect what the REAL odds are, or do they just pretend like nothing happened and leave people wondering why they got 6 instead of 8 refractors? Is it possible that any of the refractors were numbered higher this year to make up for the increase in production overall?
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