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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
Finally someone with a slightly optimistic attitude. 5 years ago the hobby almost died and now that everyone is living high from 2010 Bowman they expect every product to double their money and make them rich.

I will openly admit the only reason I am here and back in the hobby is because of Strasburg, and since his injury all I've seen is nothing but complaining on this forum. Well, complain all you want. I am stoked about this product and can't wait til my cases come in!
i really dont care about strasburg all i know is hes a good money maker if hes hot (and still when hes not lol)

all i want is an Ike Davis and a Jason Heyward RC Auto and ill be the happiest person in the world

i AM still picking up a box or two and im gunna be excited breaking it to see what i get out of it

Just my opinion on the topic Thanks
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