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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
It's all good, and I'm glad you're still as excited as I am. Your rant was mild compared to some posts in other threads about this year's post-Stras-injury product lol, so I was mostly referring to those.

Maybe you can help answer a question though...If Topps is advertising refractors as 1:3 and then step up their production run, do they change the odds on the packs to reflect what the REAL odds are, or do they just pretend like nothing happened and leave people wondering why they got 6 instead of 8 refractors? Is it possible that any of the refractors were numbered higher this year to make up for the increase in production overall?
That's the question of the hour. Won't know for sure until the cases show up. I know the Beckett break is only a 2 box sample, but by the looks of their 2 boxes, Topps did NOT increase the production of refractors. I'll be carefully reading the first pack I open. All I know is that for the last 4 years, Topps Chrome seemed to average 1 colored refractor per box, sometimes more. It's funny, economy in the tank (so they say), prices at an all time high for Topps chrome (or they were), and Topps ramps up production and waters down one of their best selling products? I wouldn't think distributors/retailers are real happy about it either. Another thought I had was that maybe they are going to be pumping way more retail out this year. It always sells well where I'm at and would hurt hobby refractor odds when it comes to color and base refractors (other than red, super, plates, they're hobby only), unless they increased the numbering/production on the colored/base refractors. Let's just hope the beckett break was a flukishly bad one.
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