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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
So Mr. Big Shot, at what price do you buy up the thousands of boxes that remain?

To answer your questions about Blowout selling SK D boxes for $39?, you would have never thought that they could ever drop to $59 because a lack of demand, but they have.

Topps Chrome has dropped because the speculators ran for the hills when Strasburg got hurt and SK D has dropped because almost nobody outside of NE Kansas wants it.
Resorting to calling names again I see. LOL!

Do you really think there are "thousands" of sealed boxes left?

Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
Why you goofballs are comparing the popularity/price of Sport Kings to Topps Chrome is beyond me. They are 2 completely different products, with 2 completely different collector bases. Get outa here.
Yeah, go home Jetson. LOL. I was talking about the redemption programs, and you had to spout off, (incorrectly I might add because you can't do your homework first), about the SK product itself.

I'll be waiting for more name calling. That's what you're all about Jetson when you can't post something intelligent that's actually relevant and makes sense. (shaking my head)
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