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Default My First Post....Showing My Great Pulls......

This is my first post on this site, a friend told me about the forums here at blowout and i thought id give it a shot, wanted to show off my pulls from the last 2 weeks....

First Monster was a half box of classics, split it with a friend of mine at the lcs and my first hit four packs in was this monster, my first auto of him and i was thinking of buying one before i pulled this

Then this past saturday i was at the same shop and decided to split a box of epix with the owner, half way through the box my first hit was again a Monster

I was pumped when i pulled the first one, but what are the odds of the same shop getting 2 Favre Patch Autos, one being #4/4 and one #4/5...neither are ft. just wanted to share......thanks
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