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Default Mr 264 "15 Year SPx Football Box Break" Contest

I have schedule the break via BlogTV here is the link:

Mr 264 Mega 15 Year SPx Football Box Break....(I hope it works)

Date & Time: Saturday, November 20th, 2010. 6PM EST

This contest will be based on my "Mr. 264 - 15 Year Mega SPx Football Box Break". 17 boxes in total from 1996 to 2010.

Break will happen shortly after 2010 product is released and available (potentially Thanksgiving weekend, but I hope before that). Break will be done live via Ustream or BlogTV (still trying to determine best option).

This contest will be held across several different forums too, but members on multiple forums only get one entry. If more than one entry is submitted, then all entries will be voided. Grand Prize will consider all entries, there will be a "best of forum" prize pak for each site.

Watch for links on Upper Deck's Facebook page and Box Break forums. Good luck to all.

The Rules: Give me your best guess on the following, most guessed correctly wins. One entry per person, no editing. Only members in good standing (no MSF, etc).

Copy and paste the 10 questions in your post and enter your responses. Please be as concise as possible.

1) What is the Biggest Pull by Box (Pick a "best" pull for each box)

1996 -
1997 -
1998 -
1998 SPx Finite Series 1 -
1998 SPx Finite Series 2 -
1999 SPx -
2000 SPx -
2001 SPx -
2002 SPx -
2003 SPx -
2004 SPx -
2005 SPx -
2006 SPx -
2007 SPx -
2008 SPx -
2009 SPx -
2010 SPx -

2) How much did I spend on all 17 boxes (including shipping) ?

3) How many total redemptions will be pulled?

4) How many of my set needs will be pulled?

5) What team will have the most Auto and Game Used pulled?

6) What will be the BV of the Highest BV card pulled?

7) What year will provide the Highest BV card?

8) What will the total Auto and Game Used pulled?

9) How many multiple player cards will be pulled?

10) How many 264/s (246/250 counts too) will be pulled?

The Prize: Appropriately enough, a SPx gift pack will go to the winner. I'll formulate it to the winner's likes as best I can.
My Bucket:

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