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Originally Posted by finflash88 View Post
i want to get some slots, but i want to know what the slot prices will be. when will the prices be up? thanks
Originally Posted by Blake View Post
Is this break still going?
Originally Posted by lrogge1979 View Post
i might want 1 slot but whats the price?
Originally Posted by DizzyDSki View Post
I'll pick up a second slot to help keep this going - if there's a rush to get in at the end, I would be willing to give up one of my two slots. Thanks!
Gotcha for one more.

Slot prices are currently $90 for the 1st slot, $88 for each additional.

There are only a few more slots to go!!!! Lets get this filled so we can order the case and have a Wed/Thur break!!!

I do not want to put a deposit down on a case if this isn't going to happen.

7 Slots to go!!!
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