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Originally Posted by CardCache View Post
Quick question on this break, how are you doing the old teams?

Is it based on franchise city location, or single franchise lineage.

For example:

Baltimore Colts... do those cards go to the Baltimore Ravens slot, or the Indy Colts slot?

The Houston Oilers cards go to Tennessee, or Texans?

If it's following where the original franchise went, then that would mean Jim Brown cards go to the Ravens, right?

Just curious as to what the plan is before I grab a slot.

All cards will go to the team as it's labled nickname. So the 1960's Cleveland Browns will be the same as the 2006 Cleveland Browns. The Baltimore Colts cards will be in the same grouping as the Indianapolis Colts. I believe the only exception to this is the Oilers, who's cards will all be going to the Tennessee Titans. However, I believe Earl Campbell is the only person from the Oilers in the set so hopefully we don't have that problem. Any other cards pulled from teams not in the break (Falcons, Texans, Bengals, Ravens) will be randomed off between people who do not get hits in the break. Hope this answers some of your questions.

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