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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
No, no, no...I think you guys are confused. IF there are extra hits (which I can almost guarantee there won't be), they will be randomed ONLY between the base slot holders. An extra hit is only "extra" on a "case" basis, not a "box" basis. So, in the rare event that an extra hit shows up in a box, it's likely because another box in our case is short a hit. So, at the end of the break, if there are more than 45 hits, the extras will be randomed between the three base slot holders.
How fair would it be if box 5 had an extra hit, so we sat it aside to be randomed, and opened box 6 and only two hits were in there? The person with 3rd hit in box 6 would get absolutely nothing.
Am I alone in my thinking here?

ahh, yeah this makes sense ^^^ That works.
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