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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
in all honesty, i dont think you should've erased everyone's name. i was part of that list, and yea i didnt pay, but uhh the break isnt happening for at least 10 days, i dont really know why you felt the need to make a statement and clear half of the ppl. it really doesn't do you any good. maybe next time you host a break, you'll realize that the deadline for payment shouldnt be THIS early before the product is released. count me out, oh wait, you already have. thanks.
Thank you for your two cents. However, a deadline is a deadline. And for your information the release date slipped after the payment deadline. As it was, the payment deadline was only a week before release. Do you expect the host of the break to wait until only a couple days before release to set a payment deadline, and then order the case out of his own pocket so it will get here in a reasonable amount of time?? If you don't pay by the deadline, then your spots are opened up to whoever wants them. Its not fair to those who paid to reserve the spots of non-paying members!!
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