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I made a little boo boo .. If you look at the slot price breakdown, you will see that I listed the slot price incorrectly.

Case price is $1294.95 / 36 = $35.97
shipping / supplies $3 per slot
paypal fee + 0.30 = $1.43 (38.97 * .029 = 1.13)
total for one slot = $37.40
total for each additional slot = $35.40

$35.97 + 3 = $38.97 * 1.029 = $40.10 and NOT $37.40 ...

So, what I am asking is that $2 be added to the price of the slots ($39.40/$37.40).

For those that have paid, it can be sent later on .. For everyone else, please PM me directly and let me know if you are ok with this.

I apologize for the mistake, and am not sure why I listed the total wrong. Maybe it was because originally there were more slots per case? I'm not sure.
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