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Originally Posted by JOHNJOHNNY View Post
I don't know how the product is packaged but if he just opens a box and dumps all the packs out and starts opening them then we can't really go by that kind of order?

Is it just a couple of packs in a row? If so is he just going to open them in order or just randomly pick a pack and open it?
Just wondering
I think you might be confused on the format of the product.

There's 15 "boxes" in a case, but there are no "packs" involved. Each box just contains the 3 hits and a couple of base cards. It's not a traditional type of box like Prestige or something that involves multiple packs in each box.

I'm not sure how the case will be packaged, but I'd assume it will be in two rows. So the top box on the left side will be box one, the second box on the left side will be box two, and so on. Will finish the left row first, and then move to the right side.

I guess this is all academic until we see how the case is packaged. We'll discuss it in the chat room right before the break and see how you guys want to do it. It's all stupid luck anyways, so it shouldn't matter.
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