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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
haha guys im not sayin it was bad to have a deadline. im saying it didnt have to be that early. im happy for you , whoever said they had a deadline of 3 weeks in advance and everyone paid, but guess what, they didnt this time, and not me but like half of us, so obviously i wasnt the only one who thought the deadline wasnt a good one. i undersatnd you need the money to buy the case, but uhh 2-3 days before the case is released is a good enough deadline IMO. obviously the ppl who paid on time are doing nothing wrong, but im just pointing out, clearly if you ran it right, you wouldnt have this many open spots right now...
This break is being run just like every other break on this site I have yet to see a break where the deadline is only two days before the release, that is absolutely absurd!! In fact, most breaks require payment 2-3 weeks in advance at a minimum....I limited mine to only 7 days prior to release. Two days is crazy...that would give the host maybe a day max to fill open slots from non paying members like yourself, do the random, and order the case. That's even if they have any cases left by that time. And even if they do, waiting till last minute to order...I'd probably get the case 2-3 days after release. You are the same person who wants to pay two days before release, then complain when you don't receive your cards until 2 weeks after the product has been out already.
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