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Originally Posted by fitch123 View Post
Also, I think we should either combine all the base into 1slot or make the slots just by the pack so someone doesn't get screwed with just base (especially if it isnt the parallel base)
With 20 slots, that'd only adjust the "buy-in" about $3.00, so I think that would be fairly reasonable. I could do a pack break on the next one, but not sure if that really adds a lot of "flair" to the break. I was in a team break with the Triple Threads, but we broke TWO 18-Box Cases and that was a HUGE gamble. Hmmm...

The "UD The Cup Hockey" base are a little more valuable, but I'm in a 09/10 UD The Cup Hockey Break...bought two slots and one of them is the base. Grrr! Not only that, but there are TWO base you don't get just the base, but only base from 3 of the 6 soxes...each slot getting 3-4 BASE cards...everyone else has the chance for the monsters...patch autos, game used, etc.

I'm likely going to keep it the same again for next time just knowing that there's some risk involved with the slots. I never want to be the bearer of "less than fortunate" news when someone hits the base, but the base and base parallel still aren't too bad on their own (i.e. the base singles would likely have better resale than a Carlos Gomez Jersey Auto or Semitar Jersey/36).

The new break has been posted and approved! Hopefully we'll see many of you back over for Round Two! Here's the LINK

Thanks everyone!
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