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Default 2008 Tristar TNA Wrestling Impact! 3 boxes

Hey guys, I am at work right now, but last night I busted 3 boxes of this product. I have been uploading the videos to youtube so look for those once I send the links. The numbers that the cards are slip my mind but scans and more specific details will be posted when I get home.

Event Used

Sting 241/250
Scott Steiner 230/250
Velvet Sky 098/250

Autos (Only one box had an auto numbered to 50 or less, I have tried to contact Tristar about this.....)

Dixie Carter "President" Notation
SoCal Val
Johnny Devine
Consequences Creed
Traci Brooks 10/50
Mike Tenay

Numbered Parrallels

Salinas 44/50
Rellik (That is Killer spelled backwards...) 13/50
Muscles & Ink Traci Brooks Lips 16/50

All have gone into my PC as I am trying to get at least one of EVERY card from this set. If you have any autos or event used PM me and maybe we can work something out.
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Always looking for TNA Wrestling Autos/Event-Used/Parrallels/Kiss Cards

Check out my bucket to see my TNA collection so far.

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