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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

I made a little boo boo .. If you look at the slot price breakdown, you will see that I listed the slot price incorrectly.

Case price is $1294.95 / 36 = $35.97
shipping / supplies $3 per slot
paypal fee + 0.30 = $1.43 (38.97 * .029 = 1.13)
total for one slot = $37.40
total for each additional slot = $35.40

$35.97 + 3 = $38.97 * 1.029 = $40.10 and NOT $37.40 ...

So, what I am asking is that $2 be added to the price of the slots ($39.40/$37.40).
Aaron...the math I see is still wrong...should be 40.40 if 1294.95 is the case price (your 40.10 is ok..but you need to add the .30 in for the transaction fee).

For those that have paid, it can be sent later on .. For everyone else, please PM me directly and let me know if you are ok with this.
IMHO Your best bet here is to refund those that have already paid and have them repay so that your not having to eat the extra fees, but thats up to you
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