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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
again, if you and i have agreed that there is only 1 hit per pack/box, and not 2 hits per, then each 8-box would have 8 hits, not 16 hits. multiply by 2, that's 16 hits for the master case, not 32?
Here is EXACTLY what BOCs listing says

- 3 Autograph Relic Cards
- 2 Autograph Rookie Cards
- 1 Single Autograph Card
- 1 Multi Player Autograph
- 1 Autograph of the Above
- 8 Supreme Memorabilia Cards

Each master case consists of 2 8-box cases. So, if the above info is for one 8-box case, and the master is 2, then the hits would be doubled (32). I am not going off of what any other sites say. I buy from Blowout and use their product info.
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