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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Here is EXACTLY what BOCs listing says

- 3 Autograph Relic Cards
- 2 Autograph Rookie Cards
- 1 Single Autograph Card
- 1 Multi Player Autograph
- 1 Autograph of the Above
- 8 Supreme Memorabilia Cards

Each master case consists of 2 8-box cases. So, if the above info is for one 8-box case, and the master is 2, then the hits would be doubled (32). I am not going off of what any other sites say. I buy from Blowout and use their product info.
Are we absolutely sure that we are interpreting the case break down correctly? I can see why there is some confusion. The sell sheet also says "One Low Numbered Autograph, Autograph Relic, or Relic Card in Every Pack! If you look at the checklist, every set is labeled either an autograph, autograph "relic", or "relic". There are no other sets from which there could be included other memorabilia "hits"! When the sell sheet says "8 Supreme Memorabilia Cards" are we sure that they are not including autographs in the term "memorabilia" and simply letting us know there are a total of 8 memorabilia cards per case? Also, the sell sheets emphasizes "one low-numbered autograph, etc..." After looking at the sell sheet and checklist....every hit is low numbered. I think the highest numbering on any hit is /25. This would make more sense in a 4 card pack as well....why would they do 4 cards, 2 of which being low-numbered hits /25 and less? Seems a little odd to me. One low-numbered hit per box makes sense for the price of $80.....but two hits /25 or less in one box of 4 cards for $80, just doesn't seem right. I agree with the others that this most likely is a one hit product like Ultimate....I may be wrong but after looking over everything carefully, this is the conclusion I have drawn.
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