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Originally Posted by messingaroundok View Post
Didn't send one to me.

and i'm on the back up list and need confirmation in order to send payment.

I seem to recall you use to bitch at every break you were involved in. and now your new strategy is to wait until the last few to pay to prove a point. just a slight bit hypocritical.

SUIZID, stop running other people's breaks and try your own before you open your yap so many times.
Dude, I understand how you feel, however, it seems to me you ALWAYS attack me and try to bring ALL OLD breaks into the new topic. Let's forget abotu the past.

Let's focus on this particular thing.

If you want to get too anal and technical, fine.

Spots were available for many days, you were online and you've seen that spots are available. You can bs me saying that you didn't know but you knew that you could pay. All you had to do is to PM the host that you can pay right away. Tell me if I'm wrong.
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