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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I just talked to Chris - according to him there are 16 "hits" per 8-box case. He said that this is from the Topps sell sheet

- 3 Autograph Relic Cards
- 2 Autograph Rookie Cards
- 1 Single Autograph Card
- 1 Multi Player Autograph
- 1 Additional Card of any of the Above and
- 7 Supreme Memorabilia Cards

At this point, he does not believe that anything has changed.

Now, the funds received so far were used to make the deposit on the cases. If anyone that paid wants to drop out, I would only be able to offer a refund once someone else stepped in and paid.

Again, Chris has confirmed that there are 16 hits per 8-box case. That is 32 hits per master case.
I'm not convinced. Granted I am not a football card genious, but it doesn't take much research to understand that this will be a 1-hit product. No offense, but I think Chris might be wrong on this. I think your confirmation needs to come from Topps anyway, not Chris. I don't want to tie up money in this as it will most likely end up as a big mess. If I am wrong, I will be the first to apologize for the doubt, but for now please drop me out of this break.
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