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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
the set up within the packs, and the hits are very similar to last year, which has been disappointed, if not borderline disgusted. panini wants $100 MSRP for this!?!? after seeing the amt of patches in the absolute mem football, i thought panini was ready to put more patches and interesting stuff in cards, not the boring 1-color jerseys. after all, this is already more expensive than the multi-packs like prestige/r&s/threads AND has one less hit, yet it's no improvement to last year. i hope there are some ridic mojo for several of us in this case...
I'm predicting it will be the sickest case ever, a Kobe will be pulled, and whoever gets it will sell it to me at a ridiculously low price as gratitude for hosting the break.

Just kidding. I'm hoping to get the shipping notification from blowout tomorrow, since this stuff is already live apparently. I'll keep you guys up to date.

Good luck to all.
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