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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
Since it looks like there is some four-box hits in this, how do you guys want to handle it?

I know we discussed this earlier and the consensus was to just continue in order of the random list and then random the extras at the end (in case other boxes were shorted hits). Do you guys still want to continue with this plan? That would mean that the list SUIZID created which broke down the slots by each box would be void and we'd just go in order of the hits. So, for instance, if box 1 had four hits, hatcher would get the fourth hit from box 1 instead of the 1st hit from box 2. The other option would be to just automatically give that extra hit to bearsfanfl, who holds the base/parallel slot for boxes 1-3 and continue with the "by the box" breakdown list that SUIZID created. If a box is short a hit, it creates another problem entirely.

Does this make sense? I just want to do what you guys think is the most fair. I don't care either way since I don't gain anything either way.
I think its too late to make a change as drastic as changing it to hit 1,2,3,4,5 instead of hit 1 of box2 etc. People are already set in what slots they have and whats done is done.

It was originally said that any extra hits would be randomed between the base slot holders. If there is going to be any changes between the way any extra hits would be distributed, I think it all the base slot holders should be in agreement.

Personally, I would not be opposed to it being adjusted to have any extra hits going to the holder of the base slot for those boxes
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