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Damn Panini for providing extra content beyond what's advertised! How dare they! Don't they consider group break hosts?

I haven't seen any boxes that were shorted a hit - only boxes that have extras. Personally, I think we should just stick with the box breakdown that SUIZID provided and give any extras to the base slot holder for that particular box. If we get shorted a hit in a box, we treat it the same as we would with any other product - we file a "missing advertised content" claim with Panini, send in the empty box and the receipt, and wait a week for the missing hit to arrive in the mail. Panini is very quick about these types of things. My buddy opened a box of Threads football the other day that only had 3 hits and Panini sent the replacement out a week after he mailed in the empty box.

But, fingers crossed, we won't have to worry about shorted hits, only extra hits - which is a good problem!

If anyone disagrees with just automatically giving any extra hits to the base slot holders for that particular box (as originally stated in the first post), speak now or forever hold you peace.
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