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Originally Posted by S.U.I.Z.I.D. View Post
I'm sorry but I do not understand why extra hits should be randmoned between slot holders? What makes a slot holder so special?

So, if we'll have 15 boxes with 1 extra hit = 15 hits.

Those 15 hits are randomned between 3 slot holders?

Whoopi do. Perfect.
Base slot holders generally get shafted unless they luckbox a 1/1. I didn't see many people complaining about this fact until the recent realization that there may be more extra hits than originally expected.

I don't see where it says that base slot holders are "special", lucky may be a more appropriate term. when you sign up for group draft breaks, the draft order is all about luck is it not? Why is this any different? We got randomized into slots and you or I had an equal chance of getting into each spot.

At first I thought I was quite unlucky and even offered to trade my base slot for anything, but now I would have to say I feel lucky to have landed in one. If you ended up with the last spot in a hit draft break would you complain that it is unfair that others get to pick before you per the break guidelines agreed upon before everyone paid? nope.

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