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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
If anyone disagrees with just automatically giving any extra hits to the base slot holders for that particular box (as originally stated in the first post), speak now or forever hold you peace.
i disagree 100%

If we're already fairly certain that there'll be MORE hits and not LESS hits than advertised, then those with the base slot will get a hit AND the base. Let's say I get a simple GU jersey while the base slot person gets an auto of , idk Al Farouq Aminu... then I'll be pissed that they got a better hit AND base cards even though they paid the same amt as I did for a HIT BREAK. Honestly, I think even if someone hit a Kobe auto in their slot, they have the right to be upset that the extra hit(s) were given to someone else in the break who joined with the same odds as them, and yet were automatically given extra which essentially gave them two spots. Any extra hits should be randomed between all slot-paying members (aka everyone in the break) and not simply defaulted to the ones who have base IMO.
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