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Originally Posted by JOHNJOHNNY View Post
Since it was sated that extra hits would go to the base slot. I think it is fair that each slot holder would (possibly) get it extra hit.

I think most were under the assumption that there might be 1 or 2 extra hits. No one is/was expecting 8 extra hits. If we had know that then I'm sure no one would if agreed to all the extra hits going to 3 people. (this is all under the assumption that there will be xtra hits)

First 3 extra hits go to the first 3 base slot people then any after that get random between everyone.
Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
Ok guys this is how it should happen and take care of the "problem"

1.The slots need to stay the same
2.The first 3 extras need to go to the base holders
3.The rest of the extras need to be randomized between all the slot holders.

This is the way I believe was suppose to happen but isn't worded that way. This then gives everyone a hit (even though now the base spots are making out like bandits) and the rest of the extras are randomized between the group!!

So the host needs to have the list in front of him when he busts so when we get that 1st 4 hit box hit number 4 goes to the first base slot holder.

How does that sound?

I'm okay with this. As long as each of the base slot holders get one of the extra hits (if there are any), we can randomize the rest between everybody in the break.
I really wasn't expecting there to be 7 or 8 extra hits in the case. That really complicated things. But I do want to make sure that the base slot holders are getting an extra hit if they exist.
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