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I, for one, will not join your breaks again. I was the 1st one to drop from this and 1st to point out how it seems like one-hit per pack product and not two. I did all the math for you (since apparently you’re mathematically-challenged) and try to explain it to you patiently and thoroughly, yet it was not until multiple members of the break took notice as well that you decided to research further. Page 10 of this thread illustrates our exchange. I went out of my way to make sure everyone in the break knew what was going on and you would say things like “I am not going off of what any other sites say. I buy from Blowout and use their product info.” Even though blowout’s info was a bit confusing, it’s not like it hurts you to investigate a little on your own. Furthermore, we both agreed that there was not 2 hits , but only one in each pack yet you were adamant about it having 32 hits in a master case… it was as if you were going against your own deductions. It’s understandable to be confused and be mistaken, but you didn’t even want to believe it (or me) until others started dropping from the case.
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