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Originally Posted by jreb77 View Post
DizzyDSki - thanks for the email on the other topic - what a mess!

I will take 3 slots on this one - sound slike fun!

Hey James! Glad to see you signed up! Hopefully you'll get some bigger hits on this the very least, I can GUARANTEE that it will run smoother!

I liked your points on the AS thread. Nobody was claiming anything "bad," but that as more and more things kept happening, it increases the potential for concern. There's still never been a direct answer to running it live...and I thought the response of "because the break list changed" was a pretty weak reply (if nothing was ever posted in the first place, why would it matter?). The 1 in 32 chance that the biggest hit by far went to someone who isn't even registered in the just really opens up a can of worms. As much as I like participating in as many breaks as possible, having a more "real-time" update or running it LIVE trumps everything else in my opinion.

In any case - thanks for signing up! Looks like we might fill this tonight!
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