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Originally Posted by Lessa99 View Post
I may be interested in this group break, but I do not quite understand the logistics. Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new to this type of thing.

Could anyone explain how this works, do we draft our cards, or we get whatever hit is in our slot or what?

Any input is appreciated!

Thanks Friends, Lessa
Hi Lessa,

Simply put - once the slots are filled and paid for I will randomize the list. From this list, random slots will be chosen and they will either get the base cards or parallel cards.

Lets say that slot #1 is the base slot. Once the cards are received, I open the cases on camera so people can watch. Since slot #1 is base, that means that the first "hit" (either a jersey/patch/auto) would then belong to the person who has slot #2. The next "hit" goes to slot 3, and so on ... Once the cards are all opened, they are shipped out to the slot owners.

I hope this clears it up for you, but please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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