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Originally Posted by Lessa99 View Post
So slot 1 would only receive base, no hit? or is there enough hits to snake the order back around like a ladder draft?

Thanks Friend, lessa
In this break, there would be 2 base slots, 2 parallel slots, and then the hit slots.

If your slot got the base or parallel slot, you would get all base or parallel for either boxes 1-18 or 19-36. All others get a hit card (in order that the boxes are opened)

For example (lets say after the list is randomized - the numbers 3, 5, 8 ... are randomized to be the 2 base and 1 of the 2 parallel slots) The order would look like this

1. hit
2. hit
3. all base from mini boxes 1-18
4. hit
5. all parallel from mini boxes 1-18
6. hit
7. hit
8. all base from mini boxes 19-36
9. hit
.. and so on.

After the slot list is randomized, random numbers are generated to determine which slots are now the 2 base slots, and which are the parallel slots.

When the boxes are opened, the first hit card would go to #1, the next to #2, and the next to #4. All the base cards from the first 18 mini boxes would go to #3 and all the parallel would go to #5.
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