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Originally Posted by Jolietracing View Post
I got a resonse from TriStar today, & here's what it says:

I am thankful that you made me aware of your concerns regarding TRISTAR TNA iMPACT! product, and I am sorry to hear that the product did not live up to your expectations.
We do apologize, as it was not our intention to disappoint you. We will be happy to review your TRISTAR TNA iMPACT! box, and replace what you are missing from your box. Please package all of your TRISTAR TNA iMPACT! cards in the original packaging with a copy of a purchase receipt, along with a copy of the entire email (including your initial response), and send to:

Attn: Amy Weyer
4025 Willowbend
Suite 312
Houston, TX 77025

Please allow 6-8 weeks from our receipt of your package for your replacement to be shipped. This is a one-time offer and product must be received to our address within 2 weeks from the date of this letter.
As with all of our products, we greatly appreciate customer input and your comments are welcomed.

Amy Weyer

I hope I don't have that kind of letter waiting for me when I get home. I opened most of my stuff at the store and the owner said he would vouch for me, as for the other 2 boxes, I opened them on camera for blowout. I would email them and send them the video. That is a bunch of bull.
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