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Originally Posted by smkelly1 View Post
Bears in black are mine now. Please confirm.
Originally Posted by Gohansmy View Post
smkelly1 now has the Chiefs in Exquisite, confirmed
Originally Posted by slicbob View Post
I sold the Chicago Bears to smkelly1 in the 2009 UD Black break. Confirmed
Originally Posted by hock3591 View Post
bought the Bucs in UD Black (i'm in the other break, just hold whatever i get, if anything)
Originally Posted by hester72598 View Post
Confirmed. Hock3591 has the Bucs in UD Black only.
Originally Posted by smkelly1 View Post
No idea if I got anything at all.
Bears/vikings - Black
Browns/Chiefs - Exquisite
All the trades/sales are confirmed.

smkelly1, there's a lot of cards to get through but I'm going to be posting the results's going to take some time to get all the scans up and such but everything will be up shortly. If you want to watch the break on, just go to the site, search "DizzyDSki" and the recorded video is available.

I'll be back soon! Going to start scanning now!
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