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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
hmm maybe i'ts just me, but i think the cards that are like $15 or $30 or so should be randomed on the spot, but daaang that booklet, maybe that coulda been sold and split. i know i'd be uber disappointed as the lions...
Any of the cards that needed to be randomed were randomed on the spot...well, at least at the end of the break on the same live feed which was only about a 5-10 minute delay. There were some people that needed to get to another case break and not everyone probably wants to sit around while I shift the webcam from my desk to, etc. Ohhh...I think I get what you're saying now though...maybe bigger cards could be discussed offline or something. I gotcha...

I hear your point - once I pulled that booklet card, I was hoping to look at the list and see that the same person had the Jets and the Lions, but that wasn't the case. The Brees/Painter guys were there and decided for me to sell and they are going to split, but I think only one of the Lions/Jets participants were in the chat. The rules were posted before the fact break though, and unfortunately, that's what happens sometimes. If the Lions would've hit the card instead of the Jets, one guy'll be happy and the other'll be bummed. Grrrr! I've been on the short end of that random coin flip before and hopefully the odds work themselves out for everyone over time.

Thanks again for everyone's participation last night! It looks like payments for Round Two are almost all in!

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