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#238 and #239 come from fellow collectors. Probably the funnest way to acquire 264/s.

#238 is from a trade with jtdolla911 on Sports Card Forum (SCF). Jason broke a box of 2008 SPx and I received, messages from multiple collectors pointing me in the direction of the break thread. Thanks for the trade Jason.

2008 SPx Craig Steltz 264/399

#239 is also from a trade with Beckett (BMB) member Ricky Williams 34 (RW34). During a recent viewing of her Ronnie Brown PC, she noticed this card. WHY she waited so long, I will never know..... Wendy has been very generous to many folks and has also provided me with a couple of other 264 "variants". Wendy thank you for taking the time and helping my PC.

2005 SPx Ronnie Brown 246/250

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