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Here's an update on my situation with TriStar:

After several e-mails back & forth with Amy Weyer, she finally agrred to do something about it. I pulled just three non numbered autos from two hobby boxes.
So, She agreed that I could just e-mail her pictures of what I pulled & pictures of the wrappers & boxes, & send her printed copies of the e-mails & 1 non numbered auto, & she will replace it with two numbered autos.
I did get very rude & mean with my e-mails before I could get her to agree to correcting the situation, & I told her that I want it taken care of a lot sooner than 6-8 weeks or I would bash them & their customer service all over the internet.
I sent the e-mails & an auto card yesterday (with a tracking number on it).
So, now I just have to wait & see. I will e-mail her the day that she recieves my auto card in the mail.
I will post updates as soon as I get them.
I recommend that everybody that got that e-mail to just keep on thier a$$ about it until they decide to correct their error. They are the peoplr that put the "Guarantee" on the box, & screwed it up. These cards cost to much money to get ripped off on.
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