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wow this is just nuts lol good luck man!!

1) What is the Biggest Pull by Box (Pick a "best" pull for each box)

1996 - Dan marino parallel
1997 - Barry Sanders SPX Gold
1998 - Payton Manning RC
1998 SPx Finite Series 1 -Peyton Manning Radiance
1998 SPx Finite Series 2 -Peyton Manning Radiance
1999 SPx -Something Dan Marino
2000 SPx -Tom Brady RC
2001 SPx -Drew Brees Auto
2002 SPx -Ed Reed RC
2003 SPx -Anquan Boldin auto
2004 SPx -Ben Roethisberger Auto
2005 SPx -Ronnie Brown Auto
2006 SPx -Vince Young Auto
2007 SPx -Megatron auto
2008 SPx -Ray Rice Auto
2009 SPx -Shonn Greene Auto
2010 SPx -something 1/1

2) How much did I spend on all 17 boxes (including shipping) ? 1826.99

3) How many total redemptions will be pulled? 2 redemptions

4) How many of my set needs will be pulled? 80 thats 72 2010 cards and 8 others since Im guessing you will put a 2010 set together

5) What team will have the most Auto and Game Used pulled? Miami

6) What will be the BV of the Highest BV card pulled? 325.00

7) What year will provide the Highest BV card? 2001

8) What will the total Auto and Game Used pulled? 57

9) How many multiple player cards will be pulled? 12

10) How many 264/s (246/250 counts too) will be pulled? 1
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