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Originally Posted by wju2004 View Post

Looks like the possibility of 4 hits per box, or at least in some. If all, then that's an extra 15 hits per case! Happened last year too in the first case I did, I believe. Those will all be randomed off to everyone in the break.
Ok, I kind of see a problem with how you have the Hit slots allocated "by box". If any extra hits are pulled from a box, how do we determine what the extra hit was. I don't think it would be right to say that the last hit in the box is automatically the extra hit. What if that last hit is an auto and the other 3 hits were jersey/patches...that would mean one of the other hits (1-3) was the extra hit! My point is...there is no way to fairly determine which hit in the box was the "extra hit". The same holds true in the event a box is "shorted" a hit...who has the ability to say which hit slot in that box was shorted???

That being are going to run into major problems by allocating each hit to fall in a certain position in a certain box. I think it would be better to just put your randomized hit list into a 1-48 order. There can be no objections and arguments over the extra hits in a box....rather, hits are simply allocated in the order they are pulled 1-48....any hits left over are your "extra hits" and can be randomed between all members.
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