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Originally Posted by vikingsordie View Post
Ok, I kind of see a problem with how you have the Hit slots allocated "by box". If any extra hits are pulled from a box, how do we determine what the extra hit was. I don't think it would be right to say that the last hit in the box is automatically the extra hit. What if that last hit is an auto and the other 3 hits were jersey/patches...that would mean one of the other hits (1-3) was the extra hit! My point is...there is no way to fairly determine which hit in the box was the "extra hit". The same holds true in the event a box is "shorted" a hit...who has the ability to say which hit slot in that box was shorted???

That being are going to run into major problems by allocating each hit to fall in a certain position in a certain box. I think it would be better to just put your randomized hit list into a 1-48 order. There can be no objections and arguments over the extra hits in a box....rather, hits are simply allocated in the order they are pulled 1-48....any hits left over are your "extra hits" and can be randomed between all members.
Well, that's pretty much how it went last year because we didn't know until late like this time; however, I am willing to take opinions from everyone to see what everyone things, whether I should do just all 48 in a row or extra hits are the 4th hit. I can see it both ways really. Sometimes the 4th hits are just jersey cards, sometimes they are autos.

Everyone in the break, I'd like to hear your opinions. Obviously I can't make everyone happy, but I'll go with whatever gets the most votes before the break.

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