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She was telling me that it could not have been delivered on Saturday because there was nobody in the office. So I asked if they have a mail box, because the mail comes every Saturday, wether they are in the office or not. She has not responded to me since. So, tomorrow I will probably call her.
It is a good idea to contact TNA, because alot of people may get upset with them because of TriStar. I hope that TriStar is the only one that has business hurting after this. There are supposed to be more TNA cards put out by TriStar this fall, & I don't think that I will be buying any.
If anybody else wants to contact Amy Weyer at TriStar about the TNA cards, here is her information:

Amy Weyer
Product Development Coordinator
TRISTAR Productions, Inc.
Phone: 713.488.1126
Fax: 713.488.1184
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