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Originally Posted by jortiz1012 View Post
Fine, I'll take it
LOL - I hope this is the one that hits a big Yzerman/Roy/Gretzky/Ovechkin/Crosby/Howe
Patch/Stick/Mask/Glove/Fight Strap/AUTO 1/1!

Requesting to move to ACTIVE now!

Once this is moved to Active, I can start accepting payments. Provided all payments are received by tomorrow night, I can run the random for the draft order and will post the results to the thread allowing a day for everyone to buy/sell/trade slots if they'd like. If we run the random tomorrow night, it won't be until pretty late (maybe not until about 11pm CST?)...but I can try to find 2 or more of you available via PM.

Thanks again!
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