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Originally Posted by DizzyDSki View Post
LOL I love it! ALMOST being the key word! Reminds me of playing Roulette...that number/color has to come up at SOME POINT doesn't it!?

I'd be willing to try another two slots just to hear Christian talk about the knob. We'd have to try to make sure we can get his chat to work next time, too (I think it was a matter of clicking the "show chat" button or having to login because I didn't see "fitch123" on the chat list). many more Michael Brantley and Daniel Murphy auto's can we hit!?
LOL Maybe if we all talk about how we want to hit $3 relic cards and Michael Brantley and Daniel Murphy auto's, instead we'll hit "The Knob"! Not sure if I can spend another cent on this crap
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