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Originally Posted by Gold View Post
I agree he might. Great work Ryan. I have done some homework on the product but not like Ryan. I actually am not disappointed. With 2 slots at #1 and another at #2 it was worth putting it out there. Like any kind of break, it is all a gamble. I just opened a 2005-06 Spx Hockey and the 1st pack I opened had the Crosby Auto RC /499. 2 color jsy as well. It looks like a 9 and I can pray that it could be a 10. Beckett is in Philly this weekend so I am going to take the 35-40 min drive and have them grade it before listing it on ebay. If it is less than a 9 I will not have them grade it. I shoot pool tonight so I may not be a the break. If not good luck to all.
Nice hit on the Crosby! Did you get these boxes from Blowout's Black Friday sale (or from Blowout in general?)?
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