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Originally Posted by Gold View Post
I would be willing to trade my 2 1st slots plus maybe some cash for a 2nd or 3rd slot. It looks like base cards are numbered to 54 and they are also encapsulated. Depending on who you get, does not mean it is bad.
Originally Posted by Gold View Post
Yes, I won a total of 12 boxes on Black Friday. Got the boxes I wanted. I only ordered 1 of the 05/06 spx hockey. I did ok on the others. Nothing great but sellable. Lot of people complaining but I had no issues except trying to win on ebay.
Hmmm...I nabbed two of the 05/06 SPx Hockey Boxes and now I might think twice about opening 'em! I honestly wasn't planning on opening 'em...(WAAAAYYY too many cards to sort through right now!)...and while it's not guaranteed they came from the same case or that there couldn't be two Crosby's in the same certainly might hurt my chances a little bit.

Either way - nice hit!
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